GTE – Digestate and liquid manure dryer including energy recovery

Efficient separation of waste ingredients into valuable raw products


  • Enabling usage of all waste materials
  • Output: I.a.: water which meets discharge regulations and liquid fertiliser
  • Compact design
  • Tailored solution consisting of only a few core modules

The GTE separates liquid manure and digestate  into valuable raw products.

Due to the low energy consumption and prevention of residual waste disposal the plant has a valuable ecological and environmental impact.

TGTThermal SeparatorRoughly separates the solid and liquid fractions
TTElow temperature pyrolysis plant Solids are converted into biochar
TARThermal afterburning unit for exhaust gasCleans the exhaust gas at high temperatures through combustion
TNHSeparator NH3Separates approx. 90% of the ammonia
TUMDistillerseparates pure water from the liquid ferment material


  • Ammonia water can also be provided as ASL or fed into the thermal afterburning unit supplied for incineration
  • The liquid mineral fertiliser can be added to the biochar process


  • cattle manure
  • pig manure
  • digestate
  • respectively up to dry matter of 8% each
  • alternatively: pressed liquid with up to 3.5% of dry matter


  • Water which meets discharge regulations
  • Solids options:
    • dried solid matter 20%
    • dried solid matter 80%
    • biochar (in development)
  • Manure as liquid fertiliser (Ammonium Sulphate Liquor (ASL) plus minerals)
  • Pure ammonia or ASL


  • sulfuric acid
  • Utilisation of existing surplus energy (Exhaust and cooling heat from CHP)
  • (gas or oil) fuel for support burner for exhaust gas treatment process
  • Power consumption version depending 2 -10 kWh / tonne digestate


  • compact design (500 l / h on 20 ’platform)
  • Plant sizes 500l / h, 1,000l / h, 1,500l / h or a multiple of each
  • Easily scalable through parallel use of Module


  • Tailored solutions available through customised combination and flexible operation of the modules
  • Flexible separation and treatment of waste ingredients into valuable raw materials
  • Digestate and manure dryer system is made up of only a few core modules


  • Enabling usage of all waste materials
  • Low energy consumption
  • Use of existing heat surplus, e.g. CHP or unused residual gases
  • Integrated exhaust treatment and Heat recovery

Standard dimensions

  • Example of a 500 l / h plant on a 20 ’platform for digestate or manure with low TS
  • Use of a 20 ‘or 40’ standard platform providing a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use
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